Ocritech® is a uniform and durable material, and it can be repaired from deep scratches or stubborn spots, bringing the surface to the original beauty.

Routine maintenance of Ocritech®

Taking care of a top in Ocritech® is simple and fast: it is enough to clean it with soapy water or common detergents to remove most of the stains and dirt that can be deposited on the surface (see “Use and maintenance” video)

Removal of scratches and stubborn stains

In case of small damages, in the opaque version it is possible to restore the surface using an abrasive sponge Scotch Brite® or a common abrasive cleaner, smoothing superficially the damaged part. If the defect is still visible, brush again with very fine abrasive paper.

For the glossy version, in case of restoration due to very obstinate stains or deep scratches, contact us to get the correct instructions for extraordinary maintenance, that however are carried out at home with a longer procedure.

Ochitech® has in general good resistance to stains, but some substances – such as ink, cosmetics or hair dyes – in very long contact with the material can release dyes on the surface, that can still be removed following the directions of the video on the side.

Products suitable for Ocritech®

– Detergents in liquid or spray form commonly used for cleaning, such as Viakal®, Lysoform®, Ace® or similar.
– Ethyl alcohol denatured, quickly rinsed

Products not suitable for Ocritech®

– Solvents such as acetone or trieline and other aggressive chemicals
- Aggressive chemicals such as muriatic acid and caustic soda
– Industrial detergents whose aggressiveness is unknown
– Discharge substances for sinks
- Solvents used in the paint industry

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