From idea to product, we have always worked with our customers to find the best solution

Our custom-made

We realize custom or standard Ocritech® products for bathroom furniture companies. We have a wide range of standard washbasins with tops that can always be customized with above, below and semi-recessed tops

From the concept of the customer, through the realization of the prototype, you get to the final product in a ranging time from 2 weeks for a standard washbasin, up to 6 weeks for a customized one.


Catalogue washbasin solution

week 1

step 1

Meeting with the customer and identifying of the project and necessity needing (tank typology, floor measures etc..)

Step 2

Making of the first draft – available washbasin identification

Step 3

Technical drawing –
sending drawing with technical specifications of the chosen models

Step 4

Quote – based on your choice we create an ad hoc quote on your specifications
week 2

step 5

Sample production (if required) – If necessary we make a sample with the specifications requested by the customer

Step 6

Quote acceptance

Step 7


Step 8

Delivery of product to the customer

Customized washbasin

Week 1-3

Step 1

Meeting with the customer and identifying of the project and need

Step 2

Making of the first draft

Step 3

Technical project

Step 4

Presentation of the project to the customer (mould costs, realization times, etc.)

Step 5

Project approval by the client

Step 6

Mold productions

Weeks 4-6

Step 7

Prototype implementation phase 1

Step 8

Prototype vision and feedback

Step 9

Any amendments and revisions – Possible Phase 2 prototype

Step 10

Final mould realization

Step 11

Realization of the final product

ocritech - SU MISURA FONDO PAGINA - courtesy puntotre

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